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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the story of a not so common dog

heyya,have been writing this since the last two days,just couldn't yet write it well though,but still i have tried giving my here i am telling you about an dog with an superb personality,the story of a not so common dog.

kittu,he was born on the 15th of october in 2007 along with 6 of the other brothers and sisters.he was a lovely dog who walked in my life and changed the world around me.he has always been very lively very naughty,i still remember when i first brought him home he started barking at literally everything,the music player,the t.v. and even at the big cardboard boxes.

he grew up quite slow,i never wanted him to grow up,he looked even cuter when he was small,now he looks like a matured person looking at you in intervals as if telling you, you are supposed to do this now what are you doing here.he has been one responsible dog throughout his life,and i bet he has been the only dog to suffer so much of pain when he was just two months three weeks and 5 days old. i really don't have any idea how many dogs survive two operations in their hind legs when they are at that stage with numerous injections and medicines and the painful x-rays,that too cause of a mess created by me.

i don't know why i placed him on that tank that day,and why did he jump,that one jump has tarred me with guilt for the rest of my life.had it been some human instead of him as soon he would have got well would have harassed me,abused me,hit me or do something like that,but it was him this tiny little dog who fought for his survival with that excruciating pain taught me the most valuable lesson of my life,"to err is to human to forgive is to divine." as a result of that mistake of mine he still has problem walking with one of his hind legs but still there is no remorse in him against me no complain no accusation he still looks at me as if i mean the world to him.

i remember crying night after night praying to god,to get him well and still when he would see those tears he would try to stand up and come to me and wipe my tears off by licking them off my cheeks.

i left kolkata fo two years and went for my class matriculation studies and i took him with me to kanpur,i have been to places so many of them and i have always taken him along with me. i remember an incident when i took him along with me for a family vacation in madhya pradesh and he was there along side and we were taking an evening walk down the hill, when some wild dogs surrounded us, and they would just not let him or me go they surrounded him and growled and it seemed as if they would tear us apart but still he stayed there in between both my legs and growled as if he was ready to give a fight,i gathered strength and i hit the dogs with a stick but they just wont let us go,one of them bit my hands off but none could even touch him,he was there all the time there he could have run off but no he was there, all the time even when i had let go of the chain until a good soul passed by and helped us get rid of the dogs.

i just wish he could speak then we would have more of a two way communication rather than the periodic wagging of tails and the kisses. according to me if one wants to feel pampered wants to feel loved and wants to feel special he must get a dog.

love you kittu until i take my last breathe...

when i first saw you,
you were feeding on your mother's milk,
your small physique
your brown eyes,
shining in that furry black coat of yours
the little patch of white
as if the formation of a T
below your neck......
and then the way you ran towards the lawn
like a drunken man running and falling
i was utterly lost in your playful grace
while you ran around the lawn as if in a relay race.

i took you in my hand,
and yo made a growl,
i could feel your tiny heart beat,
while i held you in my palms.
i sat in the car i brought you home,
you explored the whole house,
below the bed,the kitchen,under the computer
as if it was a big world unknown.

i fed you with a spoon,
you were nothing more than three weeks old
a miniature black bear,
with a button like nose.
you ran after the cockroaches,
created chaos for those sweets,
i loved it when i woke up
you would come running on the bed
and lick my cheeks.

pa used to come home,
with vanilla ice creams
for you,
and you would keep looking at the scoops
until he would sit and feed you on the ground on the ground.
you would almost sit into my plate,
and drink water from my glass
and i would happily share it with you,
and then lie down together in the park.

you have grown with me year after year,
we both have become from boys to men,
i know how much i have troubled you,
how many times i have caused you pain.

i remember the day i first hit you,
and then i sat and started to cry,
and still you would come to me
and lick the tears of my eyes.

it was years before you walked in my life
when i was sad,cruel and miserable.
i had lost someone very dear to me
some one to whom i was most lovable.

but you walked in with your puffy paws
and change me from what i was
made me affectionate,made me love you
while you loved me with all your heart.
i never know what good deeds i had done
to get someone like you in my life
more than a friend you had been like a companion,
you have been the best
happened to me in life.

i hope to love you always the same,
and return every bit of love you have given me,
i want to thank you for the kisses and for the wisdom,
you have taught me
that love really has no end.

love and light.
only yours,
divz,the last page dooodler.


A Restless mind with a sensitive heart! said...

Hey Divz! u truely are an animal lover. The detail with which u wrote about ur dog shows how deeply u love it. cute!

Shaifali said...

Oh! my my....beautiful post. So truly written, straight from heart. This is one of a few postsI would call my favourite. I have less words to express my liking for it.
Well done....keep it up. Lots of love to Kittu.

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