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Friday, June 18, 2010

love will find a way

doodles,have spoken again this time not in sentences but in rhymes, i call it

love will find a way..............

when the first time i kissed you,
lip to lip
soul to soul,
the emotions melt,
you never knew how i felt,
but you smiled and said i love you.

for you they were just some words
but they meant the whole world to me,
there was no one i thought about,
for i knew you were mine and i were thee.

every time i saw you,
i thought i wanted to live long,
your face as the only thing to see
and your voice the only sound.

the way you played with my hairs,
tempted me to take you in my arms,
to kiss and peck and fondle with you,
to make up with you when no one was around.

do you remember the day?
when we lost each other in the subway crowd..
don't ask me baby how i felt,
everything around seemed to drown,
i panicked like i had never before,
tears hurried onto my cheeks,
i desperately looked for you
with watery eyes and trembling knees.

then there was this day,
when we walked down the street,
you saw this guy,
who looked as if he was a greek god,
you chirped around,as if a lost treasure found
while you left my hand to grab him hard.

did you ever see the trust i had??
when you would say i love you too.
i knew you were not being honest,
for your eyes spoke more than you.

though it did pain my heart,
but i was relieved when you said he is just a friend,
and then suddenly one day you said he and i are dating again....

dating again??
what did it mean..i was preplexed i fumbled for words,
and you said as if nothing has happened
he is my childhood crush.

where was the trust,where was the love,
where was the faith every hope i had was lost??
the kiss,the moments,floated about and disappeared
like a tree in the winter frost.

now you are gone,
love has left,
but still there is hope,
there will be day when you will come,
and tears would mend the broken hearts.

love and light,
only yours,
divz,the last page doodler.


nandita said...

man...u r awfully osum...dis s soooooooooooooo gud...long way ahead..god bless..:)

saptashwadas said...

Out of words as always bro. Keep up d good work.. Burn your fingers by writing more.
I say.. The Viper is really impressed.. :-)

arunanand said...

I am so moved n touched.... I couldn't see it as just words... I really felt the pain...

Keep up ur good work man... :)

megzone said...

whooaaa maannn... that was brilliant :D
and watta pic to go with this :D

keep em coming :D

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