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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my first crush....

hey friends, i know my transformed doodles are dark,but what to do such is life a shades of dark and light.

but today i am in a great mood to talk about something special, love...yes don't raise brows it is me and yes i am writing on love. love ain't the feeling great,and if its your first love its even better.i know most of you would be smiling while reading it,thinking of your first crush,when you looked at each other thinking the other wont't notice and the sudden meet of eyes,a shy smile cracking up on the cheeks.the sudden increase in listening to ELTON JOHN'S
love songs,that sudden increasing phone bill,that smiling for no reason.........ah mesmerizing thoughts aren't they??

yeah love is always this great.i don't know why but i don't think if i really know what is love,neither do i think anyone else does.....its difficult to be put into words ain't it?? after all its such an abstract feeling.

i think i have my moments of love or might be crush because i really ain't sure bout love,there was this girl, i don't intend to name her here.....but yeah lets give her a name say summer....ok here was this gal summer,i don't know but she was just so attractive,i was completely drawn towards her,it was in standard 5th i first saw her,
she had this looks of a deer fawn,cute charming and simply beautiful thats how gals are meant to be at that age,i was just so mad about her,it was a complete stupidity on my part but i couldn't stop thinking bout her,

time passed on we became great friends,love was in the air,and everywhere around.......i would rush back home and give her a phone call asking her about assignments and homeworks,though i would have it all written....i don,t know why but i thought winking was a part of expressing love so i would wink at her in between classes and she would blush and give me a smile,simply enchanting.

i wouldn't take out my pencil from the bag and ask it from her,and then she would give it without any hesitation i would peck on her cheeks saying thank you you saved me.time passed on.....we grew up, some things aren't meant the way they should be,we moved on.

i don't know how many times i have smiled writing this for you guys,but still that was the most wonderful time of my life.i know many of us have our first crushes and stuff,sometimes they don't work out well,so what that ain't no big deal life throws in this moments expectedly so that we could live them and treasure them throughout our life,there is no point thinking why you broke up, or what were the reasons,just think of the wonderful times you have spent with those people,think how they brought smile on your faces,and when their thoughts seem to make you weak,take a deep breath and say it ain't that i don't need you..but i am doing well otherwise......cheerio

and yes P.S. the writer is a complete novice in love and its whereabouts so no cross questioning please.enjoy this poem of mine dedicated to all our first loves,crushes,and anyone who made us smile.

you changed my doodles from dark to bright,
you made me laugh at the silliest things,
the elusiveness of your eyes,
changed the very reason of my being.

the world revolved but i stood,
while your thoughts kept crossing my mind..
you took me captive i don't know how,
but this was sure to last for some time.

i always thought of asking you-
do you see the mirror some time..
you would smile and chuckle and pull my cheeks,
that touch,oh girl struck symphony so fine.

and that evening i well remember,
the rain,you and your untied hair,
your crimson lips your warm breath..
i wish time had stood still there.

i knew an illusion i was living,
but i cherished every moment i had,
what happened was destined to be......
but it was absolutely fair.

we reached down a two way road,
were never meant to walk the same,
i just hoped i could hug you one last time,
and kiss you like i never had.

i don't know if that was love or not,
or a craze,a crush,or a pre-occupation,
before you came i was dead,
you gave me an incarnation.

baby,love is something i would never understand,
for i ain't really made for this..
i hope you do well in your walk of life,
and if you can forgive me,please.

love and light...
only yours,
divz, the last page doodler


Swayam Das said...

'Love' .. a feeling I long to experience.. but I know it's not included in my Destiny! :(

So, I walk a Lonely Road,
The only one that I've ever known...


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