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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Heyya,long time huh? I thought you people thought I was done,well hate to prove you all wrong but yes I am back.You must know putting thoughts is just so much tough its like bracing a wild mustang running around the meadows of our mind,ups and downs and the falling braces and the rising hooves, its a tiring job......totally exhausting.

I always thought putting up a point by talking is really tough,verbal communication was never my cup of tea but yet i would sip it every time I would see the podium at the school debates...ah I loved the spotlight and the round of claps which would follow and I thought writing would be easy as I prepared my arguments while debating itself it was fun and even better was the round of pinching tone in the words which flew as if arrows from the opposition of two tribes in the jungles of SUMATRA trying to pierce the heart and bring them down....but no I was again proved wrong abstract writing was tough and is tougher than I had expected so I took a vacation I went for hunting topics to write on to brag on to express on and most importantly release my stuck in feelings and to get closer to you all my fellow doodlers, so here I am back on track i just got bigger and better....I mean literally I have put up a lot of weight so that way I am bigger and better or not my posts will tell.

BY THE WAY.......did you guys notice the number of 'I' I have used?? I just came back LOL am really so self obsessed these days.....

love and light
only yours
divz.the last page doodler.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was listening to one of my most favorite tracks on my music system Lisa Lynne's home,and it always feels me up with a different peaceful feeling,its just so pure so intense,the soft notes on the harp that subtle melody i think its created to touch hearts and it did.

Anyways its been weeks since I last wrote to you all my fellow doodlers you know its been tough the last few days thoughts have kinda clogged,am kinda stuck in my own memory lane it was that I did not want to write but things would not let me do that,such is life at times things become so tough that you feel like giving up you feel like surrendering to situations like this, but there is something the old men said and like careless teenagers we never heed to when the going gets tough the tough gets going.

So here i am once again after my short breakup with my doodles just need a small break now to regain my composure,hope you all will be here with me helping me to gain what I have lost.

love and light.
only yours,

Friday, July 9, 2010

the sleepless night

the bell is striking its past midnight,
I can hear the rattle of the train on the railway track,
distant yet clear,
the dogs bark at intervals on the streets,
while I switch on and switch off the bed lamp,
the curtains move occasionally,
as the silent gust of air enters the room tiptoed ,
and gets lost in the four walls all mixed up ,
with the air from the ceiling fan.
there are picture frames on the wall,
glimpses from the different walks of life
what remains is only the fond memories,
the rooms the hallway all lie empty with materials of luxury,
none speaks,none conveys,just satisfies insatiable human needs
I keep lying on my bed,switching on and switching off the bed lamp.
sleep is far from the eyes,
they don't yet want to welcome it,
they are tired all puffed up.......
but there is something which is holding them to fall asleep
and get lost in the world of illusions,dreams woven by delicate thoughts,
mesmerizing thoughts,soft fluffy,fragile as if bubbles,
one touch and its gone as if it was never here.
the heart is lost in thoughts of its own,its pain,
its griveances,its own personal concerns.
while the mind is all tired,helpless it wants to rest,
but the eyes they will not let it rest,
they seems to have a mind of their own tonight,
thoughts and moments are fluttering as if pages from a coffee table book
pictures of mellow and giddy moments appear on the ceiling,
while the gaze is fixed and i lie
motionless on the bed switching on and switching off the bed lamp.
there is deafening silence all around
i feel as if I am dead,
the heart detached,the mind numb,the eyes stagnant.
the view slowly gets hazed
as if someone putting soil on my coffin
and thus disconnecting me from the world
all moments,all memories slowly getting erased.
though their is a desire to take them all with me,
my eyes are becoming heavy now,
I can feel the tears which rolled down the cheeks,
they are warm
am still lying on the bed switching on and switching off the bed lamp.............

love and light.
only yours
divz, the last page doodler.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

the boy in the park

i sat in the park,
thinking stuffs,
making castles in the air decorating them,
innovating the interiors and then leaving them incomplete.
the past,the future,the present
all of them one by one,
carefully analyzing them,
scrutinizing them,
one detail after another.
debating within giving reasons after reasons,
countering them with facts,
ignoring my mistakes my faults,
with the help of my pride,
vanquishing those to be repented
solemnly thinking about the history of my life
and lost in the illusions of the future.

my eyes meet a boy,
young,energetic,in rags and shreds
but yet utterly beautiful.
that sublime smile on his face,
even defying the charm of a full moon,
as if talking in itself,
singing songs of joy,
humming of everlasting happiness,
jumping and playing round as if nothing in the world really mattered,
periodically ran to the woman
sitting at the entrance,
selling boiled eggs and bread.

the boy didn't seem to worry,
he played and ran till he could last,
he fell at times,stood,ran and raced with his mates
some times winning
even at times ending last.

such is life the boy taught me,
to act,to play and to even fall
its the present we have to live in as
the tomorrow is yet to come,
gone are the the yesterdays of the past.

love and light.
only yours,
divz,the last page doodles.