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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Heyya,long time huh? I thought you people thought I was done,well hate to prove you all wrong but yes I am back.You must know putting thoughts is just so much tough its like bracing a wild mustang running around the meadows of our mind,ups and downs and the falling braces and the rising hooves, its a tiring job......totally exhausting.

I always thought putting up a point by talking is really tough,verbal communication was never my cup of tea but yet i would sip it every time I would see the podium at the school debates...ah I loved the spotlight and the round of claps which would follow and I thought writing would be easy as I prepared my arguments while debating itself it was fun and even better was the round of pinching tone in the words which flew as if arrows from the opposition of two tribes in the jungles of SUMATRA trying to pierce the heart and bring them down....but no I was again proved wrong abstract writing was tough and is tougher than I had expected so I took a vacation I went for hunting topics to write on to brag on to express on and most importantly release my stuck in feelings and to get closer to you all my fellow doodlers, so here I am back on track i just got bigger and better....I mean literally I have put up a lot of weight so that way I am bigger and better or not my posts will tell.

BY THE WAY.......did you guys notice the number of 'I' I have used?? I just came back LOL am really so self obsessed these days.....

love and light
only yours
divz.the last page doodler.


Colours of boulevard said...

Hi Divz... good to see u back. I have started new blog too.

I am tired of writing poems.. so i switched to my second passion i.e. traveling.

Do let me know you feedback and comments.

Kim ;)

Vineet said...

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Kim said...

Hey how are you doing dear??

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