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Friday, July 9, 2010

the sleepless night

the bell is striking its past midnight,
I can hear the rattle of the train on the railway track,
distant yet clear,
the dogs bark at intervals on the streets,
while I switch on and switch off the bed lamp,
the curtains move occasionally,
as the silent gust of air enters the room tiptoed ,
and gets lost in the four walls all mixed up ,
with the air from the ceiling fan.
there are picture frames on the wall,
glimpses from the different walks of life
what remains is only the fond memories,
the rooms the hallway all lie empty with materials of luxury,
none speaks,none conveys,just satisfies insatiable human needs
I keep lying on my bed,switching on and switching off the bed lamp.
sleep is far from the eyes,
they don't yet want to welcome it,
they are tired all puffed up.......
but there is something which is holding them to fall asleep
and get lost in the world of illusions,dreams woven by delicate thoughts,
mesmerizing thoughts,soft fluffy,fragile as if bubbles,
one touch and its gone as if it was never here.
the heart is lost in thoughts of its own,its pain,
its griveances,its own personal concerns.
while the mind is all tired,helpless it wants to rest,
but the eyes they will not let it rest,
they seems to have a mind of their own tonight,
thoughts and moments are fluttering as if pages from a coffee table book
pictures of mellow and giddy moments appear on the ceiling,
while the gaze is fixed and i lie
motionless on the bed switching on and switching off the bed lamp.
there is deafening silence all around
i feel as if I am dead,
the heart detached,the mind numb,the eyes stagnant.
the view slowly gets hazed
as if someone putting soil on my coffin
and thus disconnecting me from the world
all moments,all memories slowly getting erased.
though their is a desire to take them all with me,
my eyes are becoming heavy now,
I can feel the tears which rolled down the cheeks,
they are warm
am still lying on the bed switching on and switching off the bed lamp.............

love and light.
only yours
divz, the last page doodler.


Paul Swendson said...

As a part-time insomniac, I can relate to this poem. Sleepless nights can seem like an eternity. My problem is that my mind gets going and it won't stop. I usually don't bother switching on the bed lamp. I just lay there in the dark hoping that my body will eventually cooperate.

divz said...

thnx paul i understand what you are meaning to say it becomes so difficult at times when your feelings are curbed in coiled in and then night after night you wonder wats wrong and then you realize those deep seated feelings slowly coming out..........anyways,i am thankful you identified with my thoughts give my love to and light

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

hi divz! a sleepless night can do havocs to our selves. its this hour of the day when our vulnerabilities come out. but dont give up on hope, there's a silver lining to a dark cloud!

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