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Saturday, June 19, 2010

love just walked away

hey, i have been doodling cupids off late,a lot of cupids but not the ones we usually draw.i am in a mess,a complete mess these days,i don't know what am i doing,but i guess it is right.

there was this girl,we are wonderful superbuddies,we have a world of our own,and yes i was in love with her,but i don't feel the same anymore, i don't know why i don't feel the affection the care.she was the one with whom i shared the most,but now i don't feel like talking to her part cause of the way she has been with me,partly its my nature.i don't think if i am ready. i don't know but this is happening for the first time,i want to talk to her but i really cant,something has taken toll and i don't know what next........

i guess freddie mercury was right when he wrote the song too much love will kill you,
anyways hope god will show a way,here is my newest poem for you guys........ just walked away....

the song has been playing for a while now,
the rain has stopped,
but it has left wet patches on the road,
i can see through the window but the look is hazed,
i realize i have tears in my eyes
i am feeling tired and trying to sleep,
but the gaze is still fixed on the other side of the road,

memories flash in like a raving tide,
taking me in and pulling me away,
i don't want to resist the flow,
but i fear of drowning,
i can swim out of oceans,
but will drown in your memory lake.

lot of complains you had back then,
i am selfish i cant see your pain,
i love my music more than you,
i only have time for my dog and am lost in books,
i am heartless,obstinate and what not,
cruel in intentions and wearing an ambiguous mask.

accuse me, allege me,but even you knew in your heart
it was not meant to be,
it was not meant to last.
i guess it was over,even before we thought,
and it is only the impressions that seem to last.

time has passed on,since that happened,
i don't judge myself on it,
nor i feel the pain.
its just that when i read a book,or hear the music play,
i realize we were doing good until love just walked away...............

love and light
only yours
divz,the last page doodler.


manisha agarwal said...

dun thnk so hard ova it.let d tym n destiny play d role..:)..!!
poemz as usual fantabulous..:)

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