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Monday, June 21, 2010

lets strive towards a cleaner and greener earth

hey fellow bloggers,i hope you all have been doing good.i have been kinda fooling around,after all am a escapist just need a escape rope to run away from sorrow,from pain from tax bills and expenses.ohkay cut the tax bills and expenses my father is there to take care of it,i still fall in the dependent list in the census this year.

now back to the doodles,yes well in order to get some food for thought i went to the nearby park,after all transforming doodles ain't easy.the very first thing which crossed my mind was the filth all around, was it supposed to be that way,no not like this.

we have become somewhat careless,towards the nature,we are discussing the plight of the 1411 left tigers,we are talking bout the ganga action plan,but do we feel enough in our hearts?? have we ever called up the local animal shelter to pick up a stray from the road rather do we know if a local animal shelter exists?

thinking and criticizing the government is really easy,and blaming it upon others is even easier,but aren't we equally responsible aren't we accountable for what is happening around us,when we can cut down a forest strip to build houses then we can even plant trees,and cutting requires more hands than planting.

taking a stand is all we need to do,get together,talk about it on social networks,on website,provide links,support causes,join marches,do peace protests,take up initiatives to clean up the environment,its we who can bring a change,all we need to do is believe in ourselves and take a stand.

you people can post me for any such initiatives,and i wont fall back from supporting such cause,i will do my best to promote and help personally for the betterment of our mother earth.

here are a few lines dedicated to her.........

i strolled down the park in search of some air,
and all i got was pungent obnoxious smells;
litters and plastics thrown all over-
while the dustbins lay bare.

the trees lined along the streets
in the name of greenery and environment;
a deep coat of dirt spread over them,
while they pray mercy in silence.

i don't see birds nor the squirrels around,
as if the tree is a barren womb,
it looks like a harlot for human needs,
abused for her use and then fell down.

is rape a crime?
then we all are rapists
for we smear and malign the earth's chastity belts
its incest,but as if we care
after all we need to produce more,
to offer for production and for sale.

it is easy to cover the nose and walk,
or just turn the face around
even easier to blame the government
while we keep dumping wastes all around.

try to hear when the nature sings,
hear the songs of the birds around,
they plead and pray for mercy and care
for they are feeble and and not so sound.

when will we take a stand?
when even crows will become extinct?
or even better when trees wont be there,
not enough to suffise our growing needs.

lord had vested some power in us,
not to be dictators but to be mutual beings,
symbiosis is the law of nature,
the reason for us to exist.

when nature gives us everything,
food water and even shelter
cant we be a bit kind to it.
is there nothing we could do to help her?

love and light
only yours,
divz,the last page doodler.


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