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Friday, June 25, 2010


heyya friends, its the season of monsoon here in kolkata,the season of rain,,the season of making paper boats,and sail them through the water logged streets,its the season of the hot beverages enjoyed while we are half wet,its the season of running for a shelter on the streets ......its a season of joy,laughter and merry making.........

rain,its just a scientific phenomenon isn't it?thats what all my friends who are a bit logical think but,i find it speaking,humming,growling to us,talking like a looney bird,talking about its tiring travels,talking of the vast oceans it travelled through,singing of the ever old mountains,to me rain is the way the nature communicates and share its pain its joy its feelings to us..........

come down
o heavenly drizzle,
come down and mizzle,
sprinkle your kindness on the nature
quench its thirst,
for it has been bruised
by the scorching heat
and the cruel sun.

like you have never before,
overwhelm the thoughts,
mesmerize the mind,
fill in with the smell of the wet soil,
which works in me like music,
forcing me to dance,
dance to your beats,
move to your pour.

don't deluge cats and dogs this year,
rain as if to caress and love,
enthrall with your sheer presence,
lavish on my face,
wash away all the tears,
all the pain.
cleanse my soul
purify my heart,
heal me of the ailments
feel me up with the divine grace
torrent as if to tear misery part.

pelt down as hail,
to answer those
who malign the natures power
and proudly abuse its existence
torrent on them
and show them your power
your sheer strength
your mighty existence.......

stream for the peasants,
who wait for you,
worship and offer their trivial belongings,
rain for them to bless them your majestic drops
worth a pearl when dropped in the ocean.
moist their soils,
and their satiable thirst,
help them to bear valued crops
to burn the hearth
of those in need.

rain down o rain
to celebrate divinity
pour down to make us feel your essence.
rain down to bliss humanity,
make us feel your presence.
rain down o rain rain down o rain....................

love and light.
only yours,
divz,the last page doodler.


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