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Sunday, June 27, 2010

dying humanity

i think its only me who is so confused with life,its ways and other things,i think its just reading too much of philosophy which has taken toll,it is tough to live with principles and it is even tougher to live on the expectation of the people,they expect you to be honest on the first place and secondly they don't want the truth to hurt them too,and its even stranger that when they do the same thing they don't expect us to be hurt nor to be bothered by it,i don't know of my other traits,but yes ignorance hurts me big time.

at times i think either i see life the way i shouldn't or there is something seriously wrong with people's attitude these days,now since people itself denotes majority therefore being in a democratic system its good to take the blame upon yourself if you are in the minority than opposing it because there are very few ears trying to listen,hence i think i don't know the way the life should really be led.

its difficult for an obstinate being like me to adapt,i am sorry people but i really can't it is not in my mechanism,its foreign for me,for i have not led a life where i can put up a mask,am not ambiguous,am not polite,am downright straight,downright difficult,i know its hard for people to accept someone who cannot be easily manipulated,its tough for them to accept the hard truth coming in harsh words but isn't that what truth supposed to do? then why when the people hear it react as if its an attempt to malign them them? why can't they accept what is wrong?

today humanity is nothing but a frail veil,a yashmak on the satanic mindset of their own to hide it from the world,all have put up a mask a second face,when meeting influential people its a different one,when meeting family its another one,when being amongst friends its again the man ever being true?does he ever listens to his conscious or has he been so ignorant that his own conscious has turn dumb and mute?

we have become materialistic leeches always concerned always bothered about the physical needs of life in such conditions where is humanity,its long dead.

it was dark and an empty road,
with forest patches on its side,
marked with product publicity boards and vinyls,
at times a car or two passed by,
with loud music and monstrous speed,
shameful giggles,ravish activities and women,
leaving silence and a distant trail of their backlight.

i was walking alone,
not homeward bound,
i thought of leaving what was called home,
all i found was selfish people around
manipulative relations and masked clones.
ambiguousness and infamy ran in their veins
treachery and betrayal in their eyes,
their life a sick excuse standing on a pile of lies.

while i strolled i saw a woman,
she looked wretched and in situations dire,
as if abused and oppressed,
beaten when she expressed her desire,
once she was beautiful one could say,
for her charm was visible even in her pain.
i approached her and asked her name.

"my name you want to know?" she asked.
with an ironical smile on her face,
the pain evident but the sarcasm more,
she said "i am the one maligned by your race."
"you people sell your dignity,
trade your principles for pleasure
dirty devilish scoundrels you all are,
causing pain at your leisure."

her voice choked she couldn't speak
and tears rolled down her eyes
the rage on her face evident,
agony in her sunken eyes.
i asked "tell me where you belong
what is your name who is your family?"
she replied "the one to whom i belong
has himself deserted me"
in a shaky voice she answered and silenced forever
she told her name was humanity.

love and light.
only yours,
divz,the last page doodler.


A Restless mind with a sensitive heart! said...

divz! so much anger is there within you? At 20, life confuses may be all of us. U say masks... ppl acting differently everywhere....i can understand how it feels. But don't worry, as time passes we understand why behave the way they behave. Till then, SMILE!

MY WORLD said...

nice posting sir....ur other posting also good to read..

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