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Saturday, July 3, 2010

the boy in the park

i sat in the park,
thinking stuffs,
making castles in the air decorating them,
innovating the interiors and then leaving them incomplete.
the past,the future,the present
all of them one by one,
carefully analyzing them,
scrutinizing them,
one detail after another.
debating within giving reasons after reasons,
countering them with facts,
ignoring my mistakes my faults,
with the help of my pride,
vanquishing those to be repented
solemnly thinking about the history of my life
and lost in the illusions of the future.

my eyes meet a boy,
young,energetic,in rags and shreds
but yet utterly beautiful.
that sublime smile on his face,
even defying the charm of a full moon,
as if talking in itself,
singing songs of joy,
humming of everlasting happiness,
jumping and playing round as if nothing in the world really mattered,
periodically ran to the woman
sitting at the entrance,
selling boiled eggs and bread.

the boy didn't seem to worry,
he played and ran till he could last,
he fell at times,stood,ran and raced with his mates
some times winning
even at times ending last.

such is life the boy taught me,
to act,to play and to even fall
its the present we have to live in as
the tomorrow is yet to come,
gone are the the yesterdays of the past.

love and light.
only yours,
divz,the last page doodles.


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